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    11To configure your services, you have a folder inside the user's path. The folder is called 
    2 .gnowsis and inside that you either have config or data. 
     2.gnowsis and inside that you either have 'config' or 'data'. Each service 
     3has it's own file space where all resources (so called managed resources) reside it needs to run.  
     5'''How do I populate the service's file space?''' 
     7 Each service can have a 'default' folder in his WEB-INF folder which may contain default  
     8 files, e.g. initial service settings. 
     10 The service runtime supports copying resources from the default folder into the  
     11 service's file space through the ''ConfigManager'' class.  
     12 Extend ''AbstractServiceImplementation'' for your service implementation to have ''getConfigManager()'' available. 
     15   final ConfigManager cfgManager = getConfigManager(); 
     16   log( "Service default folder:" + cfgManager.getDefaultDir() ); 
     17   log( "Service file space for managed resources:" + cfgManager.getManagedResourceDir() ); 
     20 You can now copy resources from the default folder to your service file space. Resource names 
     21 are relative paths in your default folder and have to start with either config/ or data/ 
     24example for a resource 'config/setting.xml' ('data/setting.xml' respectively) of service 'ExampleService': 
     25 ExampleService/WEB-INF/default/config/setting.xml 
     26is copied to  
     31is copied to  
     35 The !ConfigManager provides methods to accomplish this copy operation 
     38        //copy the resource only if it is not already present in the service file space 
     39        cfgManager.copyResourceFromDefaultIfNew( "config/setting.xml" ); 
     41        //even copy whole direcories (and subdirectories) 
     42        cfgManager.copyResourceFolderFromDefaultIfNew( "data" ); 
     44        //force a copy 
     45        cfgManager.forceCopyOfResource( getDefaultResourceAsFile( "config/setting.xml" ),   // ExampleService/WEB-INF/default/config/setting.xml 
     46                                        getManagedResourceAsFile( "config/setting.xml" ) ); //<home>/.gnowsis/config/ExampleService/setting.xml 
    5 Suggestion, that is not binding: 
    6 each service has his web-inf folder, where you make a 'default' folder. During 
    7 your config api init, you get the ServiceContext object, which has a method like 
    8 "getServicePath" which returns the folder containing the WEB-INF. ie the 
    9 "epos_context" path is returned. 
    11 you then call ConfigBlubManager.checkAndCopy(folderA, folderB) to check and copy 
    12 the defaults. the semantic of checkAndCopy is to copy everything that is to copy 
    13 everything from A to B that is not in B already. if a file in b already exists, 
    14 don't overwrite it. 
    16 {{{ 
    17 example for such an config dir: 
    18 blubservice/WEB-INF/default/config/setting.xml 
    19 is copied to  
    20 .gnowsis/config/blubservice/setting.xml 
    22 and  
    23 blubservice/WEB-INF/default/data/setting.xml 
    24 is copied to  
    25 .gnowsis/data/blubservice/setting.xml 
     49        //check whether a resource exists 
     50        boolean b = cfgManager.resourceDoesExist( "config/setting.xml" );   //<home>/.gnowsis/config/ExampleService/setting.xml