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welcome to the outdated development page. in Version 0.9 is published here, it was the first Semantic Desktop service environment published by the Knowledge Management Lab of the DFKI. Version 0.9 was a reference implementation of parts of the Nepomuk Semantic Desktop framework. Development has stopped, but the story continues:

DFKI and Leo Sauermann wish these follow-up activities much success. Also check out the websites of the NEPOMUK partners for more products. V0.9 was brought forward in the BMBF-project EPOS and is continued in the EU project NEPOMUK.

Here you find most documentation on current gnowsis development and our workplace for future releases. The main website of gnowsis is

Alpha VS Beta

Gnowsis has been alpha until Februar 2006. We stopped working on the alpha code and now concentrate on the beta, which is partly a re-write. You will find documentation related to the alpha and beta versions. NOTICE: although the current version is called "beta" we have experienced many bugs with it and do not suggest it for production use, it is rather intended for fellow scientists at the moment. Development of the Semantic Desktop community, including us, now focusses on the Nepomuk project, where gnowsis parts are reused.

How to Use Gnowsis?

Understanding gnowsis?

Developing Gnowsis?

Subversion Access


There are several sub-projects and related projects that we use/work on to make gnowsis run:

Community Activities

Gnowsis Workshops. Continually, we do workshops on the Semantic Desktop in Germany, there have already been two, one is planned. Next Workshop:

Past Workshops


IRC served us well. Many SemWeb people have accounts on freenode, to hang out in #swig. Clients:

Development Mailinglist:

General Information Mailinglist

see also GnowsisMailinglists

We also talk to each other via tickets and the Roadmap.

T-Shirts Merchandise''' we have new T-Shirts! GnowsisTshirt.


Gnowsis started in June 2002 when Leo Sauermann decided to make a diploma thesis about cyberspace. At the beginning of 2003, the first implementation was done in the dark ages of Semantic Web. RDFSuite was a kind of state of the art, Jena was in version 1. Based on the prototype, a diploma thesis was published in 2003. Leo moved to DFKI and the project was published in September 2004. It was integrated into the EPOS research project. Based on this experience, the Nepomuk project now develops a standardized, conceptual framework for Semantic Desktops, with gnowsis as reference implementation of parts.

  • GnowsisProjectPlan - the plan what features we will do in the next year, who does what and why. Here you find use-case descriptions, features, GUI mockups, detailed package descriptions and unit descriptions.
  • Roadmap - the current roadmap of gnowsis, what features to develop next, what bugs to fix.
  • GnowsisBrainstorm - what to do next with the gnowsis? Here we list ideas, that are not included in the project plan yet.

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