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Using Gnowsis

tutorials can be found here:

flash tutorials can be found here:

Success Stories


Adding inter-wiki links to the wiki

When you are frequently using other wikis outside gnowsis, for example the wikipedia or a company wiki, you can add inter-wiki-links to the kaukoluwiki.

To do this, edit this file using a text-editor:

  • kaukoluwiki\service\kaukoluwiki\WEB-INF\


#  wikipedia
jspwiki.interWikiRef.wikipedia =

#  KM-Wiki of DFKI =

Tagging websites

You can tag websites, use this bookmarklet on your local gnowsis server:

Drag-Drop links from your browser

You can drag-drop links from your browser to the miniquire tree or into the relations on the thing-editor. This will add the website as "occurrence" of the thing.