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SemDesk Hands-On-Workshop April 2006

The next Semantic Desktop hack! Learn about current projects on the Semantic Desktop, express your ideas and combine them with others.

Date & Place

21-23.4.2006 Kaiserslautern, Germany

(why this date? Many people have time there and the Nepomuk meeting is 4-5th May and Nepomuk members will be stressed at 30th April).


The University has a Guest-House:

Price for two weeks is probably half/month price, we will find this out. Ask trb.


  • frameworks for Semantic Desktop
  • possible application scenarions
  • your scenario - your diploma thesis, your customer project
  • Ontologies for the Semantic Desktop
  • Programming interfaces for the Semantic Desktop
  • Cooperations based on existing projects
  • Philosophical impact of the Semantic Desktop, changes in knowledge work and society.

Talks, Demos, Posters

We will have slots for talks, demos and posters. Roughly four talks per day, each 30 minutes. Alltogether there are 10 slots for talks open.

Intended talks:

  • Leo Sauermann: current state of gnowsis