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    7575 * synchronisation creates '''classes / instances''' - the items in the linked folder will always represent something. 
     79=== Implementation in Gnowsis === 
     82The machine has a plugin architecture (hurrah for abstraction), so it should be possible to extend it with more functionality later. 
     83The machine uses the AlignmentOntology phaselibs: 
     84The rebirth-machine in Gnowsis works in 3 steps:  
     86 1. A range of plugins analyse the resource store, looking for things that could be reborn, f.x. people crawler from address books, tags crawler from flickr, etc. The plugin outputs mapping proposals, represented by instances of the mapping ontology. 
     87 1. For each plugin, the proposals are reviewed by all "RebirthReviewers" this could be a graphical thing prompting the user, or some unsupervised heuristic. These reviewers may either accept, reject or ignore each proposal. 
     88 1. The rebirth machine commits all proposed mappings that were accepted by the reviewers. (The rejected mappings are remembered, and will not be suggested again) 
     90Both step 1 and 2 work with plugins, you can write new plugins by extending org.gnowsis.pimo.impl.RebirthPluginBase (or implementing org.gnowsis.pimo.RebirthPlugin) and add this to the RebirthMachine. Similarily you can add new reviewers by extending org.gnowsis.pimo.impl.RebirthReviewerBase or implementing org.gnowsis.pimo.RebirthReviewer.  
     92At the time of writing the following plugins exist: 
     94 * RebirthTags - i.e. from flickr,, etc., maps to Topics 
     95 * RebirthImapCrawlerPeople - map ALL people who have sent or recieved emails to People 
     96 * RebirthPeople - map all vCard people (i.e. crawled from address-books) to People 
     98and one reviewer: 
     100 * ThresholdRebirthReviewer - accept all proposals with a confidence over a certain value, currently 0.8  
     102I would assume that I forget to update this list, so check the code! :)  
     104In the future setting up plugins/reviewers will be a part of the configuration of gnowsis... (#295)