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     1= Tomasz Trela's Test Task (TTTT) = 
     2To learn about NEPOMUK, there is an open test task to do. Comment on this site about it.... 
     4This takes a day: 
     5Learn about the [ Semantic Web]: 
     6 * read and '''understand completly''' the [ N3 Semantic Web primer] by (Sir) Tim Berners-Lee 
     7 * skim through the [ RDF primer] and remember where to find it when you need it. 
     8 * click once to see a little more: 
     9 * Now you know about the Semantic Web. 
     11This takes another day 
     12Now you basically know a little how it works. 
     13Then get Eclipse 3.3 EUROPA, an SVN client (subclipse), Java 1.5 and start getting aquainted with [ Aperture] 
     14 * [ Getting started] with aperture 
     15 * run a few of the [ command line examples] to get aquainted 
     16 * Now you know how to convert data from somewhere to Semantic Web formats. 
     18Now hack something: 
     19 * use Aperture's crawler and crawl some tags and resources from If you don'T have an account there, use [ Leo Sauermann's account] - you have some RDF of tags now 
     20 * use Aperture's crawler and crawl the metadata of some photos. If you don't have an account on flickr, use [ Leo Sauermann's account on flickr] 
     21 * The flickr crawler is, as you will notice, somehow broken. As is the crawler. If you can, fix it until you get similar good results as the crawler  
     23This will take a day, if you are quick. Antoni Mylka can help you. 
     25Now the final thing: 
     26 * write a new application, preferable inside the code of Aperture in the /examples/ folder, that loads the RDF extracted from and and integrates the tags. As a result, all photos and URIs of each tag should be listed on System.Out.  
     27 * The tricky part here, is that I used the same tag names both on flickr and, such as "vienna" or "semanticweb". You must integrate the two data streams into one, at the end, the user means the same with vienna, independent if [ vienna on flickr] or [ vienna on del.icious]. 
     29This can take a day or weeks, depending on you :-)