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     1= The Trac Browser = 
     4The Trac browser can be used to browse directories, change logs  
     5and specific revisions of files stored in a subversion repository. 
     7Directory entries are displayed in a list with sortable columns. The list  
     8entries can be sorted by '''name''', '''size''' or '''date''' by clicking on the column headers. 
     9The sort order can be reversed by clicking on a given column header again. 
     11The browser can be used to navigate through the directory structure  
     12by clicking on the directory names. Clicking on filenames on the other  
     13hand will display the files change log. 
     15It's also possible to browse directories as they were in history, at any given repository revision. 
     17The default behavior is to display the latest revision but 
     18another revision number can easily be selected using the form at the top of the 
     21'''Note:''' The browser does not use the Subversion access configuration so if you restrict read access to part of the repository in Subversion that same restriction will not be in place in the Trac browser. (Support for this functionality '''is''' being worked on for future Trac versions) 
     23== RSS Support == 
     25The browser module supports RSS syndication to monitor changes to a file. To subscribe to an RSS feed of the revision log for a file, open its revision log in the browser and click the orange 'XML' icon at the bottom of the page. For more information on RSS support in Trac, see TracRss. 
     28See also: TracGuide, TracChangeset