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Update the PIMO storage to separate pimo into contexts.

16.7.2006, Leo Sauermann
This update will check if your PIMO storage (where the ontologies and your personal information model are stored) already conform to the context model. Learn more about context here: context in sesame2.

The update will then separate the repository into different contexts, one for each ontology. The algorithm to update the data is based on "pimo:metaIsDefinedBy" triples. A backup will be made before the update to a file in the gnowsis home, see where does gnowsis store my data?. If the update cannot exactly split the models, it will show a message and say so. You can then choose to override and continue, which is normally ok. To do so, enter "blessme" as magic word in the dialog box. In this case, more detailled backups and debug files are created in your (yourhome).gnowsis_beta/update folder.

After this update, you should stop using the web interface for Sesame1 to add data, it is not named graph conformant, we will work on that. The web interface by gnowsis has been improved, we are now able to add/remove ontologies correctly. Try out the ontology manager.