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    2626 1. Restart gnowsis, configure.... 
    2727 1. Try to add the email Service, BUT the add dialog wont let me select a directory... clicking add will only change to that directory. Writing it in the "selection" box does the same. Luckily the email service was actually already there... 
    28  1. tbc. 
     28 1. Configure the Imap datasource, mess up serv-4100 vs serv-3100 w and w/o - Can we not enter get this info from thunderbird? 
     29 1. Browse the imap datasource, the GUI is a bit broken and each folder appears 3-4 times.  
     30 1. Browsing my INBOX with 400 messages is unvieldy... so onto... THUNDERBIRD! 
     31 1. Add browse and link buttons in Thunderbird (could these not be added autoamtically when installing?)  
     32 1. Click "Browse" on an email... 
     33 1. Look at the RDF representation, N3 and TRIG, COOL! :) 
     34 1. Add a wiki-node again... still does nothing :)  
     35 1. Again go to link and to "link to concept", realise it does nothing 
     36 1. Leo says, drag and drop to concept - this doesn't work.  
     37 1. ... much later ... 
     38 1. but dragging the concept to the link box does work - and then chosing the right relation and clicking "create" gives me the cheesy "relation saved" animation... 
     39 1. But, browsing the concept shows no evidence that the link exists... 
     40 1. nor does browsing the PDF that I added the link to ...  
     41 1. oh well.  
     43== Other things == 
     44 * I randomly get "NullPointException: Null" errors 
     45 * I get some jena error when opening the ontology manager( exception: com.hp.hpl.jena.shared.DoesNotExistException:  home/grimnes/.gnowsis/data/ontologymanagerpath/urn%3Agnowsis%3Alocal%3Ahub%3Aontologymanager%3Adatasource.rdf )  
     46 * In configure->datasources both the imap datasource and webpage datasource has the same description...   
     47 * in the configure dialog box the finish and cancel buttons say "fini..." and "ca..." 
     48(Some of these belong in trac tickets, no doubt)