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  • UseCaseTagging

    v1 v1  
     1implemented by using TaggingApi and PimOntology 
     3We focus on these applications 
     5 * tagging a website 
     6 * tagging an e-mail in mozilla 
     7 * tagging a file 
     8 * tagging anything in outlook 
     10= Prerequisite = 
     12User has a PIMO, PIMO is filled with a view things. The resource to be annotated is identified by a uri.  
     13Options: the tag already exists or not, the resource is already stored in the resource-storage or not. 
     15= Result = 
     16The resource is tagged as being an occurrence of the thing. Thing and occurrence-triple are stored in pimo, 
     17resource is stored in resource-storage (if not already). 
     19= Trigger = 
     20User presses button "tag" in the application. 
     22= Procedure = 
     23Paul tags a document as being an occurrence of the ESWC2006 
     25 * User opens application, selects a resource. - resource "Document about ESWC2006" 
     26 * user presses "tag" button 
     27 * A text-edit comes, user can enter the letters "ESW..." 
     28 * system guesses the rest of the word and shows possible tags 
     29 * If tag exists: 
     30   * user selects it 
     31   * press ok - the resource is connected to the tag 
     32 * If tag does not exist: 
     33   * user has to enter whole tag: ESWC2006 
     34   * System creates new tag in PIMO, with uri being created as paul:ESWC2006   
     35   * System gives paul:ESWC2006 the class pimo:Topic 
     36   * tag is connected to uri 
     37 * User interface shows the tag next to the document 
     38= Alternatives = 
     39 * the document is not yet in the resource-store: the application or gnowsis has to store the document's uri, fulltext, type, and label. then link the uri.