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    2828'''IRC-Chat:''' To stay in contact with the other gnowsis developers, use the #gnowsis channel on [ IRC-Net on freenode] to communicate. For short: [irc:// irc://]. [ IRC] is a good protocol to run in parallel and served us well on other occasions. Many !SemWeb people have accounts there on freenode and its useful to hang out in #swig there, also. There are different clients for IRC, one is the jabber/icq/irc integrated [ miranda-im] which leobard uses. mIRC is also well-known. For larger quantities of code, use [ pastebin] to chat and develop code together. 
     30'''Mailinglist:''' Messages about the state of gnowsis and to get in touch with the gnowsis team, use the [ gnowsis development mailinglist]. You can view the [ archives] online and join the mailinglist using a yahoo account or by sending an email to '''gnowsis-dev-subscribe(at)''' . 
    3032We also talk to each other via [report:3 tickets] and the [ Roadmap].  
    3638 * [ Roadmap] - the current roadmap of gnowsis, what features to develop next, what bugs to fix. This is built from tickets. 
    37  * GnowsisBrainstorm - what to do next with the gnowsis? The intended roadmap 
     39 * GnowsisProjectPlan - the plan what features we will do in the next year, who does what and why. Here you find use-case descriptions, features, GUI mockups, detailed package descriptions and unit descriptions. 
     40 * GnowsisBrainstorm - what to do next with the gnowsis? Here we list ideas, that are not included in the project plan yet. 
    3942The goal for gnowsis during 2006 is to publish a useful, self containing beta version in February. All features and todos of this beta can be found here: [ milestone 0.9 beta]. This release will be build from scratch again, using a fresh project and seperating the components in a different way. We will still use our battle-proven DFKIWorkspace service launcher (OSGI remains outside), but dependencies to MySQL and other external apps will be removed. A personal semantic wiki is the most important goal, we moved from using snipsnap away to using JSPwiki as the basis. The semantic wiki/blog will be [ Kaukolu-Wiki], another nice move of DFKI.