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wikitology gui

visualizes the WikitologyApi described in WikitologyDeveloping


  • Drawers and Items Arne Handt wished many features we already planed for the wikitology gui, so this thing is on the right track
  • Mindraider a user-interface that is a standalone mind mapping tool. inspirational for this gui.

Gnowsis PIM

  • A first draft of how the gnowsis PIM could look like is shown in gnowsis_pim.jpg (see Attachments of this page)
  • GUI features:
    • The Overview to the left is based on the PIM-Ontology; it shows:
      • Classes: e.g. Person, Project, Place, Topic
      • Instances: e.g. Leo, Dominik
      • Sub-Class relations between Classes: e.g. Project -> short-project
      • Part-of relations between Instances: e.g. SemWeb -> SemDesktop
    • The search provides two possibilities:
      • Gnowsis complete
      • Wikitology
    • The JList with resources consists of Documents / Resources that are about the selected class (e.g. gnowsis) and lists grouped (sorted) by whatever necessary (IMPORTANT: this are only pointers to the douments / resources!!):
      • Appointments
      • Emails
      • etc.
    • The Container shows the "hasContainer" relations
    • The relations that are shown consist only of PIM-Ontology classes and instances (no resources!!!) and describe relations to other concepts / topics
  • Interaction features:
    • The Overview provides possibillities of adding / deleting / renaming classes subclasses and instances
    • The search (that embeds the browser in the window) is split up in two result classes: 1)Concepts 2)Resources
    • Wiki-Word and Wiki-Text can be edited
    • Resources can be added via drag 'n drop (auto-categorisation will be made) or via the linker's "link to concept"-button; in both cases the added resource should be focused after inserting. Furthermore can resources also be removed via delete
    • Containers can be added via drag 'n drop or datasource explorer. They also can be renamed or opended (exec).
    • Relations can be added via drag 'n drop

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