Aperture Datasources


The native filesystem of the user has to be there by default. For example, the root filesystem (c:, / on linux) has to be automatically adapted by aperture. URIs and resources from the filesystem have to be identifyable, even if the user has not configured this.

But crawling the filesystem is restricted. Only parts of the filesystem are crawled, and the user can configure this.

Special prefix uris for some filesystems are needed. For example, my files exist on all of my computers, but they are always at a different place. So on each system I can configure that gnowsis uses special uris for them. Example: Depending on the computer at hand, this url can be differently mapped: gnowsis://

  • c:\Documents\pauldoe\Documents\
  • /home/paul/files
  • /Users/paul/myFiles

The user may want to synchronise these folders accross all of his computers, but when moving to a new machine, the uris shouldn't change. If the user uses resources outside such special folders, normal local file uris will be used such as:

  • file://c:/Documents/pauldoe/Documents/work/projectRome/businessplan%20rome.doc

Tagging datasources

Users that have or technorati accounts have their mental concepts already entered as tags. Each tag is, per default, a candidate to be an instance of type "topic". Ususally, Tags are topics anyway. we think of:

  • technorati (hm, this is not personalised, we need personalised stuff)
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