A service responsible for updating the ResourceStorage by crawling datasources using Aperture.

From the user interface aspect, a progress bar/indicator would be good to have while crawling a datasource.

Moving to catwiesel

project gnowsis-server is needed alone! (has junit tests)

change fulltext search

  • Storage: refactor interface org.gnowsis.repository.ResourceStorage to include access to "catwiesel"\
  • change the impl of ResourceStorageImpl to have catwiesel as private variable
  • remove LuceneSailAperture from ResourceStorageImpl, replace it with normal Sesame2 Sail
  • implement fulltext search of interface ResourceStorageImpl
  • implement addResource() and removeResource() of ResourceStorageImpl
  • all metadata is stored still in the normal Sesame2 sail.
  • see that some core metadata are lucene searchable: look at LuceneSailAperture to find out which

change synchroniser - performance question

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