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What are those Exceptions when gnowsis starts?

First of all: don't panic. There are many exceptions that don't do much. Also, gnowsis in its full beauty depends on many services, if some services are not here, not everything will work.

How do I submit changes to gnowsis / I have a patch / I have a bugfix !

If you have changes to gnowsis you wish to be included in the distribution/SVN, this is great. Send us a patch so that we can put it into gnowsis. Patches should be sent directly to the main developers, a good guess is leo.sauermann(at)dfki(dot)de.

How to make such a patch? You checked out gnowsis from the subversion repository, then (using eclipse) you right-click on the project, select "Team..." - "create patch". In the window, enter a file where to store the patch, click next, ok, and send us the file. We will write an email to you after we commited the patch.