Starting Gnowsis

Starting From Eclipse

The SemanticDesktop project should have added a launch configuration to your launch menu. When you click the drop-down box near the play button, you see these launch configs.

Use these launchs:

  • SemanticDesktopBootstrap (start gnowsis) - start the system
  • SemanticDesktopBootstrap (configure workspace) - tell the system which services to start and which not.

When the launch configs don't show up in menu or in 'run...' options: go into the 'navigator view', browse to the SemanticDesktop - project and double-click the '*.launch' files there (at least one or two). This magically solves the hickup of eclipse and it behaves well. Seems that eclipse that notes "oh, there is a file". This seems to be a bug: eclipse loses some of its launch configs. The launch configs are there, don't question that.

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