The Gnowsis DropBox... a folder where you can put your files and documents into. You can configure a time (in seconds) for a popup to appear, that proposes you a folder where the dropped document may belong to and some adequate tags. You also have the possibillity to add folders and/or tags by hand.

Further possibilities are:

  • renaming of files
  • open files in their (default) application

An examlpe Use Case:

First you drop a file in your DropBox folder Then it pops up presenting you some folders to move the file and some additional tags you want to change the filename, so you klick the rename button and rename it. Now you want to move it to a completely different folder, so you pres the "add folder" button and select a folder. then you select a tag according to this folder (just use something that is connected with this folder). now you can add some additional tags using the tagfilter widged: you begin to type and the widget searches over all existing tags presenting you the ones fitting to what you've written. just select the one you need. Probably you added the wrong one. Just remove it with a click on the red cross on the left of the name in the list. Now you're done. Klick move n'tag and let gnowsis do the magic stuff for you.

Demo Screencast

here is a sample screenshot:

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