URIS of e-mails

dumb emai:scheme

E-mails can be identified using the uri scheme email:<messageid>.

complicated but correct IMAP scheme

The uri scheme for IMAP e-mails is defined in RFC 2192

some examples:

  • imap://*;type=list
  • imap:// - a folder
  • imap://;UID=234 - an e-mail
  • imap://;UID=234/;SECTION=1.1 - a mime-part within an e-mail

Code to create uris:

Code to parse uris:

Troubles: If we Use IMAP URIS, then we have a lot of trouble: The IMAP Uris seem to be UTF7-IMAP encoded, a weird encoding scheme for that purpose. Only I cannot get the corresponding decoder to run, it is the XPCOM class;1?charset=x-imap4-modified-utf7 In Java, the specified encoding seems not to be available. In PHP it is, called imap_utf7_encode(). also, it is not deterministic how this thing works, the same string can have two different UTF7-IMAP representations. Test: Böser & enc1: B&lA-ser &- enc2: B&APY-ser &-

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