Make a short video presenting the best features of gnowsis.

  • it has a start icon
  • it can crawl outlook
  • it runs on all operating systems (hastily show three laptops into camera, running gnowsis)
  • you can tag e-mails
  • you can tag websites
  • it supports you when tagging
  • it has a wiki
  • its got ontologies
  • its got more ontologies
  • and all that not for 1000 dollars, not for 500 dollars, not for 1 dollar - no, for you dude, its open source and free.
  • yes - it does something

and finally:

  • developers, developers, developers,....

all furhter discussion about this video at FreakyReleaseVideo

DominikHeim: I wouldn't take a video cam but record the desktop itself performing all the cool stuff. This brings only problems in showing three operating systems. I think three screenshots (each one overlaps another) will be sufficient for that. Capturing the Desktop shoul not be the problem.

  • We need a speaker that comments the actions made on the screen
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