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Project Plan


Either inside the source or here:

Get it running

The subversion repository is

There you check out these projects, the most important projects to check out are:

  • gnowsis
  • gnowsis-server
  • enquire2006

If you want to do Aperture development:

  • Aperture in CVS: cvs login
    • host:
    • repository path: /cvsroot/aperture
    • connection type: pserver
    • username: anonymous
    • password: empty
  • Checkout project aperture

If you want kaokolu wiki, check out:

  • kaukoluwiki

If you want the sesame web interface, check out:

  • sesame1

Getting it to start

The gnowsis project has the launcher for you.

  • If you have gnowsis checked out - the "run..." menu should have a list of favourites: [PLATFORM] start gnowsis
  • stand up, take a breath. think of something positive. notice the new simplicity. tell somebody a nice thing. sit down again.
  • GnowsisProjectPlan - look here to see what we are doing at the moment and what will be done next.


The first thing you might want to do is to write your own datasource, Gnowsis can deploy your own datasources without having to change the gnowsis code: See DynamicDatasources for more information!