Using Gnowsis

Can I say that one Tag is part of another?

Yes, to create part-of relations, drag an instance in the miniquire tree on another instance. Alternatively, you can create new relations using the search field to the lower right when looking at an instance, there is also a "part-of" relation there.

Understanding Gnowsis

Where does gnowsis store my data?

All data is stored in your 'home directory', in a folder called '.gnowsis_beta'. For most windows users, this folder is hidden by the operating system, also on MacOS this folder is usually hidden in the finder. If you are interested in the data, you have to know how to look into hidden folders and then go to:

  • c:\Documents and Settings\yourname\.gnowsis_beta (windows)
  • /home/yourname/.gnowsis_beta (unix)
  • /Users/yourname/.gnowsis_beta (MacOs)

Problems, Troubleshooting

I updated kaukoluwiki from SVN and it doesn't compile

In eclipse, press "project - clean... - clean kaukoluwiki".

In general, updating should only be done when gnowsis does not run.

I moved the application and now it doesn't start

Gnowsis stores the "installation folder" of gnowsis. If you move the installation, you have to change the configuration in the .gnowsis_beta folder. Edit this file:

  • .gnowsis_beta/config/services.xml

Service X doesn't start, the gui freezes, gnowsis behaves bad

Which operating system are you on? Gnowsis works good on windows, good on macOs and well on Linux.

  • If there are serious problems, look into ~/.gnowsis_beta/gnowsis.log
  • If there is nothing in it, you can change loglevels here: ~/.gnowsis_beta/config/workspace.xml
  • If you start from eclipse, try "rebuild projects"
  • If you use latest from SVN, update often or, if that doesn't help, switch back to an older changeset

The database seems to be broken

You can "savely" delte the resource-database. That is the database that is filled by crawling. The PIMO is backed up to a plaintext file every day, so that is also restoreable.

I added some classes to the PIMO store and they don't show up in Miniquire

"I transformed our ontology sample to PIMO and loaded it into gnowsis (using the sesame1 service via "Add(file)" link) , but I can't see it in the miniquire user interface. My defined Classes don't show up. What is wrong? Why can't I see them? I know they are in the pimo repository, because I get them using queries."

When adding data to the PIMO, please always use the Sesame model "pimoinf" or "PIMO (inferencing on store)". We do inference on insert and if you add data to the plain PIMO directly, it will not infer. What is missing is the "pimo-api:directSubClassOf" triple. Note: This bug should be fixed by 8.6.2006.

To fix your problems now, press the button "fix entailments" on this page, which will fix the inference.

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