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at the moment, during gnowsis installation some things happen and more should happen.

During installation the following things happen:

  • Gnowsis basic is installed
  • all gnowsis packages are installed (even if they are not needed)
  • a wizard helps with the system detection
    • ask the user if the machine name is correct (extract it first from the net).
    • ask email address. The email address is used to identify many personal resources.
    • ask jabber name. If the user has a jabber name, it is used to identify all concepts, outlook entries, etc. (not the machine name)
    • check all adapters - see if datasources can be made for them
  • the mywikitology is initiated (using the user-identifyer)
  • the search engine starts crawling (with some gui to show progress)

After the installation, gnowsis begins filling itself

see also:

for your FOAF file and:

  • draws some first lines e.g. the people you know, etc.
  • creates some concepts
  • perhaps it even makes some Wiki entrys

This would be a good entrypoint to give the user a already preconfigured system instead of an empty one.

Gnowsis should look e.g. search for known persons in outlook/thunderbird and draw some first links. It even can create folder according to your currentProject, etc. This would give the user a first impression of what Gnowsis is all about and help to avoid the alreade known "empty system" problem.