Gnowsis Installer

at the moment, during gnowsis installation some things happen and more should happen.

During installation the following things happen:

  • Gnowsis basic is installed
  • all gnowsis packages are installed (even if they are not needed)
  • a wizard helps with the system detection
    • ask the user if the machine name is correct (extract it first from the net).
    • ask email address. The email address is used to identify many personal resources.
    • ask jabber name. If the user has a jabber name, it is used to identify all concepts, outlook entries, etc. (not the machine name)
    • check all adapters - see if datasources can be made for them
  • the mywikitology is initiated (using the user-identifyer)
  • the search engine starts crawling (with some gui to show progress)

Gnowsis starts learning

After the installation, gnowsis begins filling itself. The user gets an already preconfigured system instead of an empty one, a better entry point for the user.

Importing of People

Gnowsis asks you for your address book (where is it, did you already have a datasource for it, etc)

  • make or identify the datasource for addressbook
  • create people from addressbook

If you have a flickr account, also do this:

  • ask for your flickr account
  • create people from flickr friends

If you have a foaf-file, you can also integrate it:

  • asks for your foaf file
  • draws some first lines e.g. the people you know, etc. Combines the people from address book with people from foaf file (smushing/identing in PIMO)

Importing of Projects

  • asks if you have a folder that contains many "projects".
  • asks to conntect it to the class pimo:Project and create an ActiveFolder from it.
  • creates pimo:Project instances by looking at subfolders and sub-files.

Importing more

Importing is also possible from From "tags"-websites as suggested in ThingCreationService

Show off

Gnowsis then shows you your PIMO and you can start relating people to projects and find your stuff in a better way. Tag, seek and you will find! (gnowsis, 2006)

All this would gives the user a first impression of what Gnowsis is all about and help to avoid the alreade known "empty system" problem.


The gnowsis installer was created using the Wizard framework from

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