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Join Gnowsis!

We are always open to contributions from external users and developers.

If you are a developer and want to join the gnowsis team, do the following:

  • do what is said here: GnowsisDevelopingBeta
  • run some JUnit tests from gnowsis-server/src/test/... and see what happens
  • if gnowsis starts, use it!
  • think about where you can contribute
  • contribute something small (documentation, one bugfix) and send it to Leo as a patch
  • we will take a few patches from you, after a while you are a developer and get an account.

We always search for people that:

  • write documentation for end-users
  • write tutorials developers
  • fix bugs
  • implement new features
  • do their diploma thesis or University Praktikum as a gnowsis project

At the moment, during the beta development phase, it is quite hard to say what to do next. [Gunnar] and LeoSauermann are working to bring the thing alive. After the first beta release it will be much easier to contribute.