Gnowsis Kaukoluwiki Eclipse Developing

Setup Gnowsis development environment

First of all checkout all projects needed by Gnowsis (SVN)

  • gnowsis - starter
  • gnowsis-server - core
  • enquire2006 - gui
  • kaukoluwiki - the semantic kaokolu wiki
  • sesame1 - web api for gnowsis

You can find more information regarding Gnowsis project structure here.

Now you can start Gnowsis for the first time. Execute Run.... You can choose the appropiate configuration to launch Gnowsis.

Setup Kaukoluwiki development environment

Checkout the wiki from SVN:

In addition to the projects listed above you have two more projects in your workspace:

  • kaukoluwiki
  • kaukolu

The project kaukolu is a "web-wiki". The project kaukoluwiki is some kind of "desktop wiki" (desktop version of kaukolu) which is used by Gnowsis. It uses the basic functionality provided by the "web wiki" (kaukolu) and adds extenstions to it. So Gnowsis Kaukoluwiki consits of the core done by the project kaukolu from opendfki and our own extensions provided by the project kaukoluwiki. The JSP GUI of Gnowsis is a template which is located in the kaukoluwiki project.

Important notes regarding the two projects:

  • The JSP pages provided by the project kaukolu are delivered precompiled in a jar file.
  • The JSP pages provided by the project kaukoluwiki (Gnowsis) are located in a template folder: kaukoluwiki/service/kaukoluwiki/templates/gnowsis/
  • While Gnowsis is running you can alter these JSP pages in the template folder. On a reload an altered JSP page will be recompiled.
  • Features which are important for the "web wiki" and for the "Gnowsis wiki" are provided in kaukolu.

Compiling kaukolu and kaukoluwiki

To compile:

  • run the build.xml in kaukolu - target gnowsis-prepare
  • run the build.xml in kaukoluwiki - target dist-fromkaukolu

Be careful when you run the ant files after changes

The second build target is quite tricky. It moves the SVN files to a save place and will delete all changes you did inside the /service/ folder of kaukoluwiki, so see you have copied your changes (in JSP files or web.xml) to the corresponding files in /src/.

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