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The lucene sail is a clever little hack that lets (parts of) RDF resources descriptions stored in Sesame Repositories be indexed as full-text.

There are two versions, both are designed to be stackable sails - they must sit on top of a memory,native or something else store.

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LuceneSail is part of the Gnowsis distribution.

SVN Access:


There is a textQuery(String) method which returns Lucene Hits objects.

It is also possible to use "magic" predicates in Serql queries. For example:

SELECT X FROM {X} <http://something/matches> {} <http://something/query> {\"java\"}

this will return any X that has some field indexed with the word "Java".

Soon I expect that Sparql will also be supported. But not in time for Beta0.9.

FOR THIS TO WORK YOU HAVE TO SET LuceneSail.magicQueries to TRUE'''

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