PimoThingEditor -aka- Enquire2006 Browser

visualizes the possibilities of the PimoService

Starting the Enquire2006 Browser

Starting up:

the first page in enquire should have a "hello user" like page, where some interestig resources are shown

Enquire 2006 features

  • Merge the resources (occurrences) and relations to things in one big list, this perhaps helps usability?
  • add group/by class or by relation buttons
  • if you group by class, or by relation, you get sections in the table.
  • adding new resources/things is done either by drag/drop or by using the nice + button.
  • looks like treetable ....


  • Drawers and Items Arne Handt wished many features we already planed for the wikitology gui, so this thing is on the right track
  • Mindraider a user-interface that is a standalone mind mapping tool. inspirational for this gui.
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