Weird behaviour from Visual Editor - code inserted in wrong places

I fixed this by updating to VE 1.1.1 (i think) - just do Help->Software Updates and search for updates.

Other possible solutions are: restart eclipse, rebuild all projects, sort members in the file, re-format the sourcecode.

Copying jar libraries from somewhere into your classpath: could not replace file

Even when you already shutdown everything. Problem: often the Visual Editor locks the jars, because it starts a second VM. Close all open files in eclipse (close all), then look for that tiny (20mb footprint) running java VM and kill it. Eclipse will say: oh, I lost a java vm, but thats ok.

Message: Working copy not locked; this is probably a bug, please report svn: Working copy 'C:\workspace_beta\DFKIUtils2\lib' is missing or not locked

this one comes often. solution:

  • cleanup project - fails
  • delete folder - fails because weird bug.
  • exit eclipse, delete folder, update using tortoise. - delete folder 'lib' works, but then update fails because of 'working copy locked. please execute the cleanup command'
  • cleanup project - now works.
  • update - works.
  • solved.

Compile errors because required libraries are missing

So, after updating some libraries do not check-out from the SVN. solution:

  • see if libraries are online ''.
  • update
  • replace with latest from repository
  • If you don't have the libraries after "update" or "repace with latest from head", you are doomed.
  • delete your Eclipse Project (also delete contents) and do a new check 'out as project'

To do this: you can rightclick on the project and do replace with latest from reository which is pretty much the same as above, you you can do this just for the folder with missing files.

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