This is Sesame2Jena a collection of classes that wrap a Sesame Repository as a Jena Graph/Model

This is built against Sesame2-alpha3 - which you will need to use this.

You can download a binary copy below. Source is in source:trunk/Sesame2Jena

This is based on JSM from Weijian Fang, at Southhampton Uni, but fixed to use Sesame2, Jena2.3, and also support named graphs (As done in ARQ) See Original:

The classes you care about are:

org.openrdf.jena.ModelSesame - This wrap the GraphSesame as Jena Model
org.openrdf.jena.GraphSesame - The wraps a Sesame repository as a Jena Graph
+- org.openrdf.jena.DataSourceSesame - This wraps a Sesame repository to a Jena Datasource, which supports named model operations
+- org.openrdf.jena.NamedGraphSesame - This wraps a Sesame Context as Jena NamedGraph, there is no real "context" object is sesame though, so it's faked. 

Any questions, get in touch.

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