Sesame1 web interface

SesameWebInterface is a sub-project of gnowsis that aims to port the Sesame1 functionality to Sesame2. Features:

  • Use the sesame1 web interface
  • use the sesame1 client apis to connect to gnowsis
  • many hacks to make it work


  • No support for SPARQL yet
  • No support for context
  • No construct queries (do not work in sesame2)
  • No real configuration of repositories using the config file
  • No security

Our plan for this project is to merge it with Sesame2 web interface of and bring the features to sesame2, combining it with the already programmed stuff for sesame2.


This is part of the gnowsis distribution.


Make it work

Currently works best if you do GnowsisDevelopingBeta.

otherwise, easiest way is to use Eclipse for compiling and Tomcat plugin for testing, you have to copy the Sesame2alpha into the project and start it somehow (although not done yet)

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