go west, life is peaceful there, go west, in the open air, …


we left the shores of CVS and move on to the sweet lawn of Subversion

3 steps:

  • Logging into Subversion
  • Deleting old projects
  • Check out SVN projects
  • clean workspace

Logging into subversion

  • open eclipse,
  • switch to the subversion perspective.
  • on the left hand explorer, press the button "Add SVN repository"
  • on validation, there is a "certificate not known" message, press "accept permanently"
  • when the connection is set and works, you are connected

Then, delete the existing CVS projects in your workspace, including their contents (answer "also delete contents" with yes)

Replace these projects:

  • gnoFoafNaut
  • gnogno_enquire2005
  • gnoGuiExample
  • gnowsis
  • gnowsis_email
  • gnowsis_exampleservice
  • gnowsis_mozadapt
  • gnowsis_outlookadapter
  • gnowsisplugin
  • SemanticDesktop

and check out these that are already there:

  • gnoJoseki
  • gnowsis_adapterpack

Don't Panic

The checkout of the projects can take about 5 min, worst case 15 min.. The progress bar will stay at 0% all the time during checkout! Let your eclipse work it out, don't panic.

Workspace Broken - clean and sync

Eclipse will throw hundreds of problems now, we do not exactly know why. Solutions are:

  • clean workspace (Project --> Clean... --> clean all projects)
  • synchronise gnowsis (team-sync)
  • open/close gnowsis
  • refresh gnowsis
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