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implemented in WikitologyGui


Rome is the new home of Paul, so he wants to annotate some basic informations about his new city. For his old town, he has already added some informations, like inhabitants.


The annotation was succesfully added. Paul added the triple paul:rome - paul:inhabitants - "2.8 mio". Important is here, that the object of this statement ("2.8 mio") can now only be text, no more a Resource or Thing in this case.


  • According to Usecase UseCaseShowThing Paul browses with WikitologyGui to the Thing Rome.
  • There are several properties listed, that Paul can annotate in a textfield


  • Paul browses to the Thing to annotate
  • The system automaticaly finds all relevant properties
  • These properties will be displayed in a annotator (e.g. ThingDialog)
  • Paul annotates the fields he wants to
  • Presses "ok"
  • the triples will be stored back to a storage (PIMO-store or Resource-store ?)


  • Paul wants to create a new property
    • He clicks "new property"-button
    • A new line is added to the properties, Paul can edit it.
    • Paul enters a label for the new property (e.g. "inhabitants")
    • paul presses an "ok" button somewhere.
    • The system creates the triple paul:inhabitants - pimo:sub-property - pimo:describingProperty
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