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implemented in WikitologyGui


Paul meets an investor for his new office in Rome. He wants to associate this Meeting with his office-project in gnowsis. At the moment in his PIMO there is a Thing paul:InvestorMeetingRome and a Thing paul:OfficeRome.


These two Things will be associated to each other with the two triples:

  • paul:InvestorMeetingRome - pimo:hasTopic - paul:OfficeRome
  • paul:OfficeRome - pimo:isTopicOf - paul:InvestorMeetingRome

Stored in the PIMO-Storage. Actually, one of the triples would be enough if PIMO-Storage supports inference.


  • Paul browses in his gnowsis to the Thing paul:OfficeRome


  • User browses to the thing "OfficeRome" in the thing browser.
  • looks like this:
  • default relation "related" is shown in a dropdown menu at the bottom of the "relations" list right after the add
  • user changes the default relation by text-searching for the thing to relate, where the add is or he leaves the default one
  • user enters the name of the thing to relate (the field should have auto-completion that makes text search over the labels, altlabels and wikinames of things) in the text field behind the "relations" Combo Box
  • if user doesn't find the thing by text-search, can press a button "..." to select the thing using a tree-like popup that shows all things.
  • user selects the property by text-entering it (or drop-down combo) possibilities see below in "alternatives".
  • user clicks +


  • drag&drop
    • he searches for the text "inves".
    • from the search results (java window in sidebar) he selects paul:InvestorMeetingRome starts the drag
    • drop ends in the "relations" list in the open thing at paul:OfficeRome.
    • the new relation can be categories using a selection picking from:
      • OfficeRome - hasTopic - InvestorMeetingRome
      • OfficeRome - isTopicOf - InvestorMeetingRome
      • OfficeRome - related - InvestorMeetingRome
      • OfficeRome - hasPart - InvestorMeetingRome
      • OfficeRome - isPartOf - InvestorMeetingRome
      • more...
  • Now Paul wants to relate Peter to this meeting, because he will attend him.
    • So he browses again to the Thing paul:InvestorMeetingRome and adds the Thing representing peter per drag&drop to the list "related"
    • The system will create the two accordingly triples and store them
  • The relevant Things are not available per drag&drop (maybe the list/tree of all Things is too large)
    • So Paul needs a different way to add Things to related-lists and hasTopic-lists
    • For this case he clicks a "find Thing"-button, a popup-window opens and here he can searach for the Things in his PIMO
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