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Paul wants to create his own Relations to have a more precise semantic. In his PIMO he has the two Things paul:Peter and paul:!InvestorMeetingRome


A new relation called "attends" and a lot of triples in the PIMO-store:

  • paul:attends rdf:type rdf:Property
  • paul:attends rdfs:subPropertyOf pimo:related
  • paul:attends rdfs:label "attends"
  • and some more for the inverse property

With these new relations he can now express more precisely that "peter attends the meeting" and not only the "Peter is related to the meeting"


  • Paul browses in his gnowsis to the Thing paul:InvestorMeetingRome
  • Paul wants to add a new relation to the InvestorMeetingRome, "attends" with the value paul:Peter


  • Paul sees something like this:
  • below the relations, is the add relation field, paul clicks there.
  • the relation can be entered in a text-combo field.
  • after typing the relation name, "attends", no match is found and a "define" button gets visible/enabled.
  • "define" button blinks or does something else to catch attention
  • Paul presses the "define" button
  • he clicks the button "define"
  • a popup window opens
    • in this window Paul has to define a name for the new relation, "attends" is already filled in
    • and a name for the inverse relations
    • Paul has to decide if his new relations are subProperties of either pimo:related, pimo:PartOf or pimo:hasTopic
    • the user interface says "is this a kind of: - related-partOf-hasPart-hasTopic-isTopicOf?"
  • After clicking create Button the property is available in the text field. The define button is still there, but is not catching attention anymore
  • Paul searches for Peter in the field right of "attends", enters "Pete"
  • Alternatives are shown, Paul selects "Peter".
  • Paul presses OK - now everything is saved
    • the new property is created
    • the relation between the InvestorMeetingRome and Peter is stored in the PIMO-storage


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