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My First Gnowsis Experience

(I'm using Suse Linux, with a Gnome desktop...)

  1. Follow DevelopingFirstSteps ...
  2. Checkout many gnowsis projects into eclipse... and I mean MANY... this doubled the number of eclipse projects i had.
  3. Start gnowsis... it WORKS!
  4. Configure, setup hostname etc. (Wizard here? We can guess hostname, and have sensible defaults for other things)
  5. Add FileSystem adaptor... (sensible default URI again?)
  6. Open the FileSystem datasource... hmm... the user interface is ugly. And broken - the address bar is missing... (i'll attach a screenshot)
  7. Find one of my papers - define a ESWC06 Wikiword for this
  8. This apparently does nothing - it doesn't appear anywhere else... and there is no Wiki where i can view it.
  9. tbc.

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