(My gnowsis vocab is probably wrong, forgive me...)

Tasks I'd like to do:

  1. Find a PDF, "tag" it with a concept project/conference/etc. (MedOnt, ESWC, etc) -
  2. Creating this concept should create a RDF concept (type, Concept, blah), and Wiki page
  3. Find an email, "tag" it with the same concept. See attachment thunderbird.
  4. Browse this concept in the wiki, this could be local web-page listing the things now tagged with this concept.
  5. Google and find the webpage for the conference/project/etc, "bookmark" it and associate it with the concept.


  • I dont want to switch to miniquire to "tag" (link/whatever) something - this should be possible in the plugin
  • Writing new java-swing-gui's for everything is time consuming, boring and they look bad.
  • The KDE Image Database Kimdaba has nice multi-facet browsing that I think my-mother-could-use (TM)
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