implemented in PimOntology, PimContentTraining, FileDropBox


File "new marketing strategies in the italien culture and bla" is store into the dropbox. File contains some text that has to do with Italy, Marketing and the Branch Office. Filename is "Marketing Italy.pdf".


File is moved to foldder "branchoffice" and classified to the thing "branchoffice" and to the topic "Marketing" and to the Country "Italy". These triples are generated in the resource-storage (note the right uri of the new location of the file). They are created by Aperture:

  • file://.../branchoffice/Marketing%20Italy.pdf - rdf:type - pimo:File
  • file://.../branchoffice/Marketing%20Italy.pdf - pimo:label - "Marketing Italy.pdf"

In the PIMO-Storage, the file is annotated:

  • paul:BranchOffice - pimo:occurrence - file://.../branchoffice/Marketing%20Italy.pdf
  • paul:Marketing - pimo:occurrence - file://.../branchoffice/Marketing%20Italy.pdf
  • paul:Italy - pimo:occurrence - file://.../branchoffice/Marketing%20Italy.pdf

the PimContentTraining learns that the three things are now related to the text in the doc.


User stores file "Marketing Italy.pdf" in folder "dropbox". File may be downloaded from the web or be from anywhere else


  • User stores file
  • FileDropBox sees that, a popup appears (or Miniquire?)
  • looks similar to the old one:

  • Popup shows the file, a little info about it (its a pdf, it has a title)
  • PimContentTraining suggests which folders and topics may suit the file. following suggestions are made:
    • BranchOffice: has a folder, topic fits 0.8
    • BlahBlash: topic fits 0.7
    • Italy: has a folder, topic fits 0.6
  • Paul notes that BranchOffice is the right folder, and selects Italy as being a good topic.
  • Topic "Marketing" misses in the list, Paul enters "Market" in a textfield and possible Things are listed, he picks Italy.
  • Paul presses "OK".
    • the file is moved (first!)
    • aperture has to find the file in the new location
    • the new uri of the file is used in creating the triples in the PIMO


  • the thing "Italy" does not exist before and Paul creates it from inside the Drop-Box window.
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