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Gnowsis Development Site

Here you find most documentation on current gnowsis development and our workplace for future releases. The main website of gnowsis is

Subversion Access

Public access to the full gnowsis source is here


At the moment, documentation consists of this wiki and related pages on

Developing Gnowsis

To get started developing gnowsis, check out our development wiki page (which will evolve, when you change it)


IRC-Chat: To stay in contact with the other gnowsis developers, use the #gnowsis channel on IRC-Net on freenode to communicate. For short: irc:// IRC is a good protocol to run in parallel and served us well on other occasions. Many SemWeb people have accounts there on freenode and its useful to hang out in #swig there, also. There are different clients for IRC, one is the jabber/icq/irc integrated miranda-im which leobard uses. mIRC is also well-known. For larger quantities of code, use pastebin to chat and develop code together.

Mailinglist: Messages about the state of gnowsis and to get in touch with the gnowsis team, use the gnowsis development mailinglist. You can view the archives online and join the mailinglist using a yahoo account or by sending an email to gnowsis-dev-subscribe(at) .

We also talk to each other via tickets and the Roadmap.

T-Shirts Merchandise''' the gnowsis t-shirts are sold out at the moment, but we will order new ones in 2006. For more look at GnowsisTshirt.


Where is gnowsis coming from? where will it go? Gnowsis started in June 2002 when Leo Sauermann decided to make a diploma thesis about cyberspace. Well, cyberspace went down and gnowsis came up. At the beginning of 2003, it was dark ages of Semantic Web. The Aurora project just went down and many frameworks out there, but less apps. RDFSuite was a kind of state of the art. at 19th of may 2003, the first listStatements call went through the FileAdapter, marking our beginning of Virtual RDF Graphs. The first prototype ran in 2003 and the thesis was published 2003. 2004 Leo Sauermann went to DFKI and the project went public in September 2004. It was integrated into the EPOS project and tools like the Brainfiler. At the end of 2005, we are standing before the step to beta 0.9: three years of fumbling should now lead to a useful tool.

  • Roadmap - the current roadmap of gnowsis, what features to develop next, what bugs to fix. This is built from tickets.
  • GnowsisProjectPlan - the plan what features we will do in the next year, who does what and why. Here you find use-case descriptions, features, GUI mockups, detailed package descriptions and unit descriptions.
  • GnowsisBrainstorm - what to do next with the gnowsis? Here we list ideas, that are not included in the project plan yet.

The goal for gnowsis during 2006 is to publish a useful, self containing beta version in February. All features and todos of this beta can be found here: milestone 0.9 beta. This release will be build from scratch again, using a fresh project and seperating the components in a different way. We will still use our battle-proven DFKIWorkspace service launcher (OSGI remains outside), but dependencies to MySQL and other external apps will be removed. A personal semantic wiki is the most important goal, we moved from using snipsnap away to using JSPwiki as the basis. The semantic wiki/blog will be Kaukolu-Wiki, another nice move of DFKI.