integrate google calendar

  • download ical from google calendar
  • open ical items on google calendar

Firefox plugin

Make a plugin that:

  • shows tags for the current page
  • shows possible tags for the current page (text similarity)
  • tags a page
  • lists all tags, lets me open pages (replacement for bookmarks or

input to list all tags: use a lokal servlet that creates something like this:


Requirements by External Developers

Gnowsis and Eclipse

GnoGno PLUS Fresnel

we could integrate the ideas of FRESNEL into gnowsis

Fresnel is a simple, browser-independent vocabulary for specifying how RDF graphs are presented.

We could take fresnel and use it as a way to represent graphs (read-only) in gnowsis. The problem with fresnel is, that it focuses on read-only display (like XSLT) but not on editing (like XForms). So as gnogno is at the moment targeted at editing it is not so simple.

But there is a lot of code out there, so to make a simple thing run should be straightforward:

Here some notes by Emmanuel Pietriga:

Yes. I've just released a third implementation of FSL. So, we now have:

  • a full FSL engine that works on Jena 2.3 models,
  • a full FSL engine that works on Sesame 2-alpha1 models,
  • a full FSL engine that works on IsaViz in-memory models and whose primary purpose is to help people learn FSL and debug FSL expressions visually (see screenshot at [4]).

All are implemented in Java and can be found in the latest IsaViz build, or as a separate small JAR file. You can get compiled versions from [5] or the very latest source code from [6].

The API documentation for these implementations is at [7], and as I am writing an extensive suite of unit tests for them, I am also finalizing the API and writing a Web page with simple examples of how to use the Jena and Sesame FSL engines (online by the end of the week).

[4] fresnel debugger pic




here is the main FRESNEL SVN:

Google Desktop Api

we could integrate google desktop and integrate ourselves to google desktop:

to use google desktop in searches, there is a java api:

To integrate yourself into google desktop, there is a .NET api.

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