Workday 2006 - 02 - 02



  • create new Workspace: gnowsis beta. see GnowsisDevelopingBeta
  • extract icons from operating system (windows filetype icons)
    • Christiaan Fluit ( gave use this tip: There is a standard J2SE API for retrieving these icons: javax.swing.filechooser.FileSystemView.getIcon(File file). It returns icons for files but also for folders, file systems, etc. I don't think we use this for "real" files .... only for folders and drives, but I believe you should get the file-type-specific icons.
    • look into source:trunk/gnowsis/src/org/gnowsis/data/util/ to map mime-types to file extensions (helps when using the operating system services)

Chris' tip works:

File f = new File(filename);
Icon i = javax.swing.filechooser.FileSystemView.getFileSystemView().getSystemIcon(f);
  • look at /gnowsis-server/src/java/org/gnogno/iconservice
  • make IconService run with new config-storage (store icon config in a config model in ConfigStorage)
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