Gunnar is the boss today - TODAY YOU WILL KNOW REAL PAIN!

Today we will fix all the bugs that should have been fixed before the release :)

Leo said he might have time to look at some of these things on wednesday, so if something appears fixed, then rejoice!

(I'm not 100% sure what you are currently doing - if you are in the middle of something better, give me a shout.


  • Fix the two - when the datasource config GUI is first opened, put some docs there instead.
  • Fix the A datasource with URI gnowsis:datasource:248b05ab-313e-4618-b9ce-78039ba41bcd is already registered. error I get when editting a bit then crawling a bit etc. #190
  • When creating a new web datasource, be clever if the user specifies the rootURL with leading http://

DominikHeim: Leo has written a very simple "editor" for resources, (do see it - add a datasource, crawl it, then search and double click a result.) Do the same for PIMO classes, just to get rid of the exception. #192

FlorianMittag: Kaukolu wiki - Leo says it doesn't work on his machine any more... I get:

JSPWiki has detected an error

Error Message
Place where detected
    org.apache.jsp.Wiki$jsp._jspService(), line 93 

Everyone: Why doesn't gnowsis shutdown cleanly any more? Or does it? For me it doesn't... let me know (#193) DominikHeim: Not only for you. Mine doesn't shut down properly, too

On my linux machine at thoem the datasourcec config gui has some strange "effects":

This also happened on Leo's linux box. Any ideas?

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