Write here what you think that would be useful to get from gnowsis. The following gnowsis components are available in principle, offering both service/database oriented features and also GUI features:


LeoSauermann: My requirements would be that I can run SPARQL and SERQL queries from outside and extract data from gnowsis. I would like to write a gnowsis client that runs from within applications like Microsoft Powerpoint or Ultima Online.

Frank: I'd like to run SPARQL/SERQL queries from outside, querying the _complete_ data that is available in Gnowsis, and not just a part of it (like it is in the current SPARQL interface querying only the crawled part of it). I want to be able to access everything via SPARQL I can see in a Thing Dialog.

I'd need in particular:

  • Mail: folders and mails: folder structure, folder and mail labels (subject), sender, receivers, and content. Perfect would be full access to all mail headers. For example, it would be very useful to know whether a mail is from a mailinglist or not (list-id header). This is most probably too much overhead for most Gnowsis use cases, but it would be great if I could either a) configure it which headers to return (my favourite solution ;-) ) or b) patch my own Gnowsis/Aperture by adding a few lines in the appriopriate code file.
  • Addressbook: Contacts with name, email... It would be nice if I could find out the source of a foaf:Person easily (it makes a difference if a Foaf person was extracted from a CC in a mail or from the addressbook, you certainly don't want every mail receiver in your PIMO)
  • File Folders and Files: structure, labels (filenames), and fulltext
  • RDF data sources: a data source reading RDF/XML files

!ChangeLog: When crawling, it would be nice to get the changes from a data source since the last crawl.

User observation: For my thesis and Mymory in general, it would be useful if Gnowsis and user observation would play well together and services like FileSystemObserverService could be ported without much hassle.

Jon: We have written our application in .Net and are capturing operating system events. We would like to contact gnowsis via a Joseki-like interface. For example, we would like to call methods like this:

  public String getQueryResultAsRDFXML()

Somebody: RSS Feeds!

(Frank: have a look at ROME for a sane looking (looking, haven't actually tested it) RSS/Atom parser written Java)

Existing Interfaces

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