Gnowsis fixed uris

What are these funny static uris about? We use them for configuration and passing variables from one service to another. There are some important uris in gnowsis you might want to know:

  • urn:gnowsis:local:serverconfig - resource for the local serverconfig (ConfigurationStore)
  • urn:gnowsis:local:serverconfig:user - resource for the local user config (ConfigurationStore)
  • urn:gnowsis:local:serverconfig:aperturesynchroniser - the fixed uri to configure the aperture synchroniser
  • urn:gnowsis:local:org.gnogno.enquire2006.servicemodel - uri identifying the named graph in the servicestorage that is used to store config stuff for hidden/shown tree elements
  • urn:gnowsis:local:org.gnogno.enquire2006.dropbox.ConfigResource - configure the dropbox
  • urn:gnowsis:local:org.gnogno.enquire2006.ConfigResource - configure gui aspects of Enquire2006
  • urn:gnogno:transfer - Drag-Dropping RDF: if you receive or send RDF/XML, embed the resources in a bag that is named after this uri
  • urn:gnowsis:pimomodel - the model context for the user's pimo model. may be replaced by the pimo-model uri sometimes.
  • urn:gnowsis:local:useraddeddata - a context prefix used in resource-storage and aperture-synchroniser to mark resources that were hand-crawled by the user (for example: websites)

Gnowsis uris in general

There are some uris that have special meaning:

  • gnowsis:// the user's namespace. All things inside PIMO will be created here.
  • gnowsis:// a typical file uri for identifying your data files uniquely across all of your computers. See ApertureDatasources for more.


Question: Why are we using this bad urn namespace? Isn't this all against the good urn standard, aren't we bad people?

Answer: No. Mozilla did the same with urn:mozilla. It saves a lot of time and is very useful. If you are unhappy with non-standards-compliancy, please file the urn:gnowsis scheme to the IANA or whoever cares.

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