Aperture Configuration Service

Basically, we need a gui to add datasources, remove them and configure them.

Also, the crawling behaviour is needed to be configured (crawl every X minutes, etc) (#171)

  • Edit datasource config
    • add datasources
    • remove datasources (including crawled resources from ResourceStorage)
    • edit datasources config (including deleting crawled resources)
  • Edit crawling behaviour - when, what to crawl

A list of all datasources is ApertureDatasources.

Deleting a datasource

When you delete a data source, the data that was crawled from this source has to be removed from the repository. Therefore, the ApertureSynchroniser has to be informed about this fact and act accordingly.

auto-configuration and datasource discovery

As detailed in UseCaseInstallationGnowsisFindsMyStuff We need a way for aperture to locate possible datasource. ticket:147 is assigned to hack this.

This is a bit tricky since it's:

  1. Platform dependent
  2. Very different for different datasources

In a way, each datasource implementation should have a method "find"/"location"/"isAvailable" or similar...

  • FileSystem? - this is easy - we just point it at "My Documents" or "/home/username/"
  • Thunderbird - again, if the user has a $HOME/.mozilla-thunderbird directory. This changes in different versions of thunderbird... (what version do we rely on anyway?)
  • Firefox - same
  • Outlook - i know nothing.
  • ?

Maybe this could be a separate ticket for each one?

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