You can use gnowsis for example to organize your diploma thesis. To do this, you should be familiar with the two use cases on HowtoRelatethings as well as HowtoDropbox.

First of all you can create all the persons involved in the diploma thesis as "things". Once done so you can tag all the emails according to the persons so that no piece of communication can ever be lost!

Thereupon you can create "things" according to the structure of your diploma thesis and link the relevant ressources to them.

The DropBox is used to classify incomming resources and move the to the right directory within no effort.

The benefits of this are:

  • Having done all this you can use the (semantic) gnowsis search to quickly navigate through all (!) the diploma thesis data.
  • Miniquire presents you a very good overview over your diploma thesis and it's structure
  • No communication / resources is lost
  • When you look at one single thing, the thing editor immediately shows you relating stuff
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