UseCaseAnnotating With Wiki

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implemented in PimOntology, PimoThingEditor


User has a document open in one of the UseCaseApplications. User wants to describe the document more using wiki-text.


Document X is reborn as a Thing and the thing is annotated with wiki-text. paul:DocumentX is connected to the resource by a pimo:groundingOccurrence and a pimo:creationSupportedBy link.


User presses button "annotate" in application.


  • User opens application and selects document
  • User presses "annotate"
  • Popup shows from gnowsis to annotate the document, user can fill out:
    • Which kind of document is this? Select from: (all sub-classes of pimo:DocumentType)
    • label, wikiname
    • wikitext
    • relations: related, topic, partOf
    • properties depending on documenttype
    • which is: a simplified version of PimoThingEditor
  • User fills out the fields of interest.
  • User presses "ok", document is saved as thing.


  • Document was already reborn as thing. Then you have to check first for links of the kind (TODO: which link?)


Gunnar: Maybe i misunderstand (what exactly is a reborn thing?) - but i think the dialog described is too complex... then again - i would like to see as few "pop-up" dialogs as possible and as much as possible done using a single text field (as in the screenshot i put somewhere...)

Gunnar (again): the more I think of it - this seems wrong. When the user tags the resource, he creates an occurrence link from a Thing. I think all things are automatically wiki pages, no?

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