to do in this week

fix tickets (see milestone 0.9.1)

Document the success stories

Write HowTos in this Wiki, blog them when they are done

Rebirth Machine

without that, everything else is useless

Filtering PimoOverviewPanel

related to #248 Filter TextEdit - when entering text, filter is made on tree.

alternative: user starts typing in treeview, textEdit to filter pops up.

faceted browsing, exploring

using longwell in gnowsis.

use case: search stuff "everything related to nepomuk and this paper".

Refine dropbox

more suggestions. add dropbox to Windows sendTo Menu.

Semantic Wiki

Add Portal functionalities to define for each Concept user defined informations. This Informations can be based on queries. This makes it possible to generate summarations of sets of existing Concepts.

Tickets to solve

-> these tickets are now changed to highest priority, you see it in the reports.

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