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At the moment we plan for the end of the EPOS project, which requires many bugfixes and the evaluation. Then we are creating the gnowsis 0.9 beta for february.

monitoring progress

If you want to know how far we are, look at the TRAC roadmap! There you see percentage bars.

work in progress

These projects are already started and you may join hacking them.

Planned parts for beta 0.9

So, for the beta 0.9 milestone we want to have some core parts of gnowsis working rrreeallly good. To reach this, we will design and specify in detail what has to be done for the beta and then will do the implementation during the BetaHack2006, a hackfest where we gather for three days to implement all the stuff thats open.

Thursday is workday

Gnowsis gets developed in steps, each thursday is such a step

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