Beta Hack 2006

A three-day gnowsis hack where the whole team gathers to finish all the features for beta0.9. The specifications and designs are made beforehand.

Date & Place

  • Thursday 16, Friday 17, Saturday 18 February 2006.
  • Zeit: 10:00 (MUST) bis 21:00 (danach: Bier + Glockencafe)
  • Ort: Leo Sauermann, Pirmasenser Str 18, 67655 Kaiserslautern

Thursday, 16th: special evening event: Lars Zapf gibt einen aus. @Cameo ~21:30


  • Leo's Appartment. Pirmasenser Strasse 18, 67655 Kaiserslautern. 0631/8924761. Near Havanna pub.

Bring and think of:

  • food. We will try to order pizza and go to the chinese takeaway, but bring some basic food with you (apples, bread, chips)
  • Notebook(s)
  • power-adapter for your notebook
  • mouse + mousepad
  • Lan Cable (optional)
  • Lan repeater (optional, if you have one)
  • a complete workspace, checked out and ready. see GnowsisDevelopingBeta
  • Beer is sponsored by Leo (served either when serious tickets are solved or after 18:00)

Leo does not have a coffee-making device (only an inferiour) so Gunnar brings a press-cafetier and we should invest in a few kilos of good coffee. Gunnar volunteered to sponsor this.

Setup your computer for this

  • Eclipse running
  • Java 1.5 running
  • Local copies of any javadoc you need (since bandwidth is limited)
  • Download the following if you think you need the source to hack/trace. (binary libraries are already in gnowsis):
    • Jena 2.3
    • ARQ 1.2
    • Sesame2-alpha3
    • Sparql for sesame (

Check out the following from NO Exceptions, we will stop doing dependencies through jars during the hack - and you need the projects to run anything.

  • gnowsis-server
  • gnowsis-util
  • gnowsis
  • enquire2006
  • gnogo-comp
  • Jena2Sesame
  • lucenesail
  • DFKIUtils2
  • aperture (from sourceforge cvs)


  • Frank ? (ist das nah an mir?)
  • Moritz Plößl (1 Tag)

--> max Völkel kommt in der woche darauf!


We try thing after thing to get a service running, so that it answers. It does not necessarily have to work well, just do something.





not done:

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