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  • GnowsisInstaller - what happens during the gnowsis installation, what should happen?
  • ApertureConfigurationService - the services around configuring aperture, helping during installation, etc.
  • ApertureDatasources - what data sources do we plan to use and what data can be expected?
  • PimoThingEditor - the gui to edit the personal mental models. Edit a thing.
  • MiniquireGui - the miniquire sidebar showing assistance
  • PimoService - a service that holds the PIMO, providing an API to edit it. Part of gnowsis-server.
  • PimoContentTraining - semi-automatically training the classes of the pim by the content added to them
  • TaggingApi - API to tagging of recources with things or tags
  • ThingCreationService - automatic creation of things from resources (rebirth-machine)

note that we discriminate between services (running in background) and Application Programmer Interfaces (API) that are available for the programmer.

related documentation

  • PimOntology - the ontology for personal information management
  • SesameIntegration - integration of Sesame2, instead Sparql2SQL and Jena storage. What do we have to do?
  • GnowsisOnTheMac - how does gnowsis behave on MacOsX, Apple integration!